Silk – The queen of textiles

Silk is the fabric which dominates the textiles industry like anything. Silk has its own sensuousness and glamour which makes it more lustre. Silk history is way too old. India is the second largest country to produce silk as it contributes 18% to the world production. Buy silk sarees from one of the world’s best sellers. Today Silk has made a special place in Indian tradition. Silk has always made priority in traditional wear. Silk itself has a royal look which makes you look sophisticated. In India silk tradition swirls around the sarees. Sari is the ethnic traditional wear which is worn in most of the parts of country.



In India, women choose to wear vibrant and effective colors for the functions and silk has a huge color collection. Excellent flow, attractive colors and perfect drape makes this an unavoidable companion for women. With different patterns, the variety of designs silk has earned people’s choice for all the events. Pure silk sarees with price are available in the market for your convenience. Silk is produced by silkworm; the process starts from the eggs till they grow up into some caterpillars. After they grow to cocoon, they turn in to moths. The moths lay eggs which hatch more caterpillars for making huge cocoons. Over the period of time, the cocoons size is grown, and they are now much bigger than the other cocoons. A continuous half a mile thread will be converted into on cocoon. There are various types of silk are available in the market.